Lunch at GNE

Ok, the summer was great…no posts but it was a great learning lesson for us. We know where our focus will be this spring and summer. We also learned that we need to be prepared to plant for the fall really quickly as we are busy getting back into the school groove.

Yes, we aren’t growing anything this fall, but that does not mean we are never teaching students the joys of veggies and the joys of cooking. This was created by a student when we asked him to cut some veggies for lunch and we asked that he make it look pretty/present it so that people will want to eat it. Needless to say, this was gone pretty quickly.

Summer and growing

Things have changed a lot around the school as summer has arrived. We will still have students tend to the “crops” when they are out doing GYW or GGYW or just hanging around. However, we thought that it was a good idea to pay a “encourage” a student to come by on weekends an the odd day that they aren’t doing GYW. So we have a weekend employee. We’ve still been donating vegetables and we’re just trying to keep track of how things go over the summer. Definitely learning for next year.

Growing video

Just want to add this video of “how to grow root vegetables”. Great short video.

2nd bag donated

We’ve just been maintaining the garden. Very busy wrapping things up for the school year and planning for next year. However, we’ve donated another grocery bag of lettuce/spinach to a Safehouse for youth. Also  B.O.B checked in with us to see how things are going, let them know that we are working on a certificate course for the GFW and that we are learning a lot through this process. Hopefully B.O.B. can grow bigger next year so we can further our connection with more training and job opportunities for some of our youth.

Donating our vegetables…

Our veggies are growing really well. Today we fertilized (liquid seaweed ) the tomato plants today as they are starting to flower. Today we picked a grocery bag full of lettuce and spinach and had a huge spread made for us by a student. Everyone had gourmet french toasted BLT’s.

We have so much lettuce and spinach that we are donating some to Covenant House, a Safehouse and possibly Outreach school. If possible, we would like to get to the point where we could contribute to a specific place on a regular basis. One student suggested that we could put little “salad kits” together and offer these to places once everything gets growing. The bag pictured here is the largest ziploc (33cmx39cm) and today it was a grocery bag. 

Harvested lettuce and spinach

We’ve had lots go on in the garden, will update more later and add photos. We’ve harvested a large bag of salad and spinach and sent the leftovers home with a student.

Looking great

We rode down to the garden boxes today to just check things out and make sure they were watered, the plants are very healthy by the looks of them. We are looking forward on eating them when they’re nice and big. Other then that, everything is going great.

GGYW 1st work day done

We just did our first 2 jobs using nothing but 100% bicycle powered and leg powered. We cut 2 lawns and had a great day doing so in the sunshine. Best is, the student saved 10% of their cheque and felt tired after a good days work.

Tomatoes, peppers, kale transplanted

Went and transplanted some veggies today. We bought our kale, peppers (various varieties), tomatoes and strawberries from WELK’s store (which some call a fancy dollar store…but we love the place) and they look awesome inside the garden. We were informed today by an expert gardener from the community that we need to fix our lettuce, they’re too close together. We’re going to transplant probably by the end of the week, once they are a decent size and will allow us to move them easily.

Green-Genesis Yardworks 1st job

We rode around a few streets and handed out our student made flyer to various houses. We got our first job by handing out these flyers and there are a few people that expressed interest. We’ll revisit these places later.