GREEN-Genesis Yardworks (GGYW)

Genesis Yardworks has been successful, however, we believe that using the model of GYW we can teach our students very valuable life skills by going GREEN. Hence the idea of GGYW (Green Genesis Yardworks).

What GGYW is?

  1. No use of gasoline to get to a job or on a job. Bike to the jobs with a trailer carrying our equipment.
  2. We use all ‘old school’ push powered mowers.
  3. Use electric weed eaters only
  4. because there is no use of a truck, gas etc we have a higher profit margin. Therefore we pay students a higher hourly wage. There are specific rules to joining this part of GYW though.
  • @ least 10% must be saved in a students bank account that is regularly checked by staff(wkly)
  • if a student works and is not present the next day, which likely means the choices that they have made the night before were not healthy, the student cannot go the next couple of weeks.
  • the more GYW certificates the student gets the higher their hourly wage can be when out on GGYW.

Goals of GGYW

  1. provide students opportunities to gain employment skills
  2. provide students opportunities to gain life skills
  3. provide students opportunities to learn to save and budget money
  4. provide students opportunities to demonstrate to others that they can be productive members of society and use the skills that they have learned at Genesis, out in the real world.
  5. Teach students to be environmentally friendly

Click here to take the GYW Basic Safety Quiz–Level 1

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