How We Started

Genesis Farmworks is part of an alternate school in Vancouver. We are always looking to help our students gain skills that will make them more employable and more successful in life. Thanks to an awesome chicken salad, loaded with vegetables, a student suggested we grow our own vegetables and the “seed” was planted. Ironically, there are a lot of urban farming projects just starting around the city, which eventually means JOBS.

There are many layers to our project, many in the beginning phases, but I won’t completely divulge them right now. We ideally want to have a self-sustaining project, but that means we are going to have to grow…slowly. We’ve done this with VERY little money (approx $250).

Our plan so far is to do one or two of the following ideas. Regardless of below, we are for sure going to donate vegetables to community members that are in need (an idea generated by a student).

  1. Grow herbs, dry them, bottle them and sell them
  2. Get enough boxes that we could grow vegetables to sell at a market on weekends or create our own market.
  3. Create baskets of vegetables to sell and deliver to businesses.

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