Messages Sink In, a Bit Each Day.

Today’s lesson revolved, as often the case, around food. Large number of students that are doing schoolwork, exercising and refuelling themselves sometimes makes the cupboards bare. We sometimes do this on purpose as this is a common occurence for many of our students. The lesson that I posed to the students before I had a phone conference  with a social worker and probation officer, was “we have a bit of chicken, chickpeas, tomatoes, quinoa(cooked already), onions and 2 peppers. What can we do with this…use what you know and go to town”. I finished the call to find a great meal waiting. They made, bit of help from our practicum student, a stir-fry of sorts but flavoured the onion,chicken and chickpeas with the tomatoes.

After lunch, students did a workout and a little while after some students were complaining of getting the “shakes”. We discussed refuelling and had a student attempt another first. He ate apple and peanut butter, which seemed to really hit the spot. When asked he knew he was getting some protein, sugars and good fats from this snack. Getting messages to sink in, a bit each day. Pics of the WOD once our student emails them to me via his ipod touch.

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