ipod Changes Lives

A GREAT story over a 2wk period so far. A student wanted to start looking for a job. Obviously the first step was updating and polishing off his resume, then we did role-plays for interviews as well as what to say when handing resumes out. Before we send him out, we get him to make a list of places to go on his ipod(something he always has with him). In addition, one of them was a little hard to remember so he took a picture of the google map off the computer at school so he’d have the address and street names. Long story short, he gets a job as a result of that day.

Part two of the story, the youth gets his first cheque (keeps track of his hours on his ipod, which updates his google calendar) and promptly goes and spends it wisely, on tangible items(a little bit on poor choices). On the day of getting his cheque this youth talks to his mom and his mom tells him that he is the first family member to ever hold a job between all his 6 siblings. This young man stated that he was SUPER proud about this and is trying to make good use of his money. Fast forward a little to today and as the youth is doing his math (new gr.10 math) he is on percents and discount sale questions, the conversation turns back to spending his money wisely and how his ipod as given him so much ACCESS to things he didn’t have before, so we send him off to London Drugs for a field trip. This is what he produced, which is what he’s buying for his house. Now he feels more pride as he’s helping his ailing dad by contributing to the household.

Our next project is to put together a shopping list with “good prices” so this youth can help stretch the family budget. This youth does the shopping for the family and there are some months that are tighter than others. Funny how a simple little tool can not only change a single life, it can change generations to come.

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