G3K, teaching youth to move forward… 1km at a time.

2010 3k event

Since 2009 Genesis North East has organized and found funding for an annual 3K run that has each year had approximately 60-80 students and staff take part in this successful event at Trout Lake. Initially we were lucky enough to find grants that helped support the funding for 3K t-shirts(created by Genesis Broadway students), snacks and water for all participants. This year, we would like to use all available resources to make this a larger and more successful event.

What are we doing differently? We are hosting it in May…better weather is more likely to get the fair weather runners out. In addition, we are looking at providing some great draw prizes such as itunes cards, socks, water bottles, deoderants and other bits of cool schwag along with our SUPER cool G3k t-shirts. How can you help?

We are sending this out to 10 different departments within the VSB, MCFD and a few local businesses. Within your department we challenge you to raise enough money for 10 shirts. Thats ONLY $50 per department!! We would like  to have enough shirts to outfit 90-100 participants!

Someone from Genesis North East will regularly check in to see if we need to come and pick up the money and will issue your department a receipt.


Time: May

Place: Trout Lake

SCHWAG: t-shirts (made by Genesis Broadway School), itunes cards and other gifts. FOOD and drink for all.

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