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Italian Parsley tastes GREAT!!

Rode our bikes with the trailer down to water the garden and finally fix the two weak ABS pipes (never buy thin ones they bend!!!). The lettuce and arugula are growing really well, we are going to have tons in the next week or so. Once they are decent sizes we’re going to transplant some so that they are actually in rows, the initial planting with no cedar dividers made it a bit messy, plus it was exciting for some students and they didn’t take their time. Lessons learned!

Our italian parsley is huge and we were talking about it and thought that we should try it. Normally this is not on the top of GFW students menu, but it tastes really good. Plan is to make a chicken salad tomorrow and put some in, soon it will be made with our own lettuce.

Also, in the top right photo there are two tomato sprouts (both corners) very tiny. Pretty cool that they’ve grown.

Watering day

We went down to the garden to check up on anything new, and watered the boxes, there isn’t really anything new, yet, but we’re thinking about changing the cloche a bit.

Something new is growing

Today we went down to the garden boxes to see whats going on, box 2 is going great, the Italian Parsley in box 1 is growing well and healthy since it had been planted. Also a few unquestionable sprouts growing in box 1, well, we know one of them is tomato, but it’s more of a surprise, and the other we’re not sure of.

Greenhouse #2…prototype

Our student that built the balsa wood greenhouse is building a larger prototype (no screws…yet) of how were are going to build our pop bottle greenhouse. GFW always encourages the “learn from mistakes process”, and this is a perfect example. When we go to build and plan our larger pop bottle greenhouse, we’ll be 100% prepared and have some expertise.

Tomato plant sprouting? Plus, cedar dividers rock.

We installed cedar dividers ($7 to divide 2 boxes) because the string was constantly breaking. We should have done this from the start as it really helps with seeing where we should have planted seeds and also with knowing what is what because the seeds are in the square where they should be. More lessons.

Regardless, we are proud that so much is growing. The ironic thing that we’ve learned is that we have a tomato plant that is growing, not in a pop bottle greenhouse, but just close to it. We forgot to take a picture as we were adding a 3rd ABS pole to prevent the cloche from folding in. Using small ABS requires more of them as they bend too easily or we need to go with the thicker ones. (2–3/4″ ABS was $13).

Tons growing

Will add a photo later, but went to water the garden and in box 2 the lettuce and arugula are sprouting up all over the place. Box 1 with tomatoes and peppers are not producing and seedlings…I guess everyone was right when they said it was too early. Good experiment.

Student’s seedlings

March’s blog post “it’s a grow-off!!” has produced some dramatic results and helped shape the direction in which our gardening program is going. Here is a picture of the seedlings that our student has grown in a short amount of time.

Because of this experience we are going to make sure we plant inside and also build an indoor greenhouse. This will make it more motivating when we plant outside and we can learn more about light, temperature etc when growing inside. Thanks to a few community members that have some scrap wood they are willing to donate, this greenhouse may be almost free.

Watering needed!!

Today we biked down to the garden to lay down the rest of the cloche, and checked out the box that already had cloche on it. We found out that the cloche easily┬áheated up the soil making it dry, considering that it rained yesterday, so we had to water both of the boxes making sure they don’t dry out. We will water lots since it’s going to be sunny for the rest of the week. Since we didn’t have anything good to hold the water in, one of our students cleverly decided to use the pop bottle we had over some seeds as a watering device, after that we cleaned out the boxes that had sticks in both of them, but when we were doing that we found more sprouts, they may be small but they’re growing.

By: A student

One sprout!

When we went back down to the garden to lay down some cloche on Thursday(April 8th) ,surprisingly we found one sprout(specifically Arugula) of all of the other seeds we planted. After we finished laying down the cloche we checked on how the Italian Parsley was doing, from when we planted it, it has grown a bit, not much, but, a bit, which is good, also, it looks greener from before, so, it’s healthy.

By: A student.

Pop bottle cloche and more sprouts!!

Lots happened today @ GFW. We built our 2nd cloche, our arugula sprouted (very quickly) and we installed pop bottle greenhouses or cloches over our tomato seeds. Because we planted them early we figured this would help them grow. Again some more testing going on.