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Day 1 and leading up to it

We’ve applied for the Evergreen-Walmart grant and are sitting on pins and needles waiting to see how much we get. That being said, we’ve used some of our limited funds and started the “farm” anyway. Doing lots of reading and we are going to start planting tomato seeds indoors in a Jiffy Greenhouse ($5) hoping that will make the growing season longer.

Pre-building steps
We purchased the spruce wood for one of the boxes, had it cut. Total cost was $50 for box number one. However, then a week later, Brad and a student ran to buy the wood for another box and the total came to $79. We figured out that we are getting charged a hefty fee for the cuts. In the future we are going to need to make the cuts on our own.

We had two students load up the wood, drills and screws(8×2.1/2″ decking screws)┬áinto the truck. Once at the site we pre-drilled the wood and then built the boxes (6x4ft). Next step will be to purchase the drainage rock, soil and filter fabric, this will be done Tues of next week. Here are some photos of the box being built.